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博猫平台开奖现场下载:Worldwide Agents

If you are interested in finding out more about music Licensing and Incentive CDs from Naxos, or would like to order a brochure or catalogue please contact our subsidiaries and agents around the world - simply click on the relevant contact persons below to send an email:


Global Enquiries
Educational Products and Services
Global Director of Licensing

        United States and South America    

   Sample & Synch. Licensing


European Countries

(ex: France, UK, Nordic)


Nick D'Angiolillo



Allie Leon

Marion Linden

United States - Micro Licensing & 
www.3phki.com.cn inquiries 

Canada - English

UK and Ireland


Lauren Gudmonson 

Jeff McClellan

Martin Hewett


Canada - Quebec Korea



Philippe Adelfang

Keun-Hye Kim

 Shinichi Takahashi


Hong Kong & Southeast Asia

European Countries

(ex: France, UK, Nordic)



Lenny Wong


Julia Brunzlow

Isabelle Bougeois

Sweden, Latvla, Lithuania Turkey



Stephan Jansson


Kerim Selçuk

Anne Marqvardsen





United States - Hollywood Film & TV 

Lynn Fainchtein

Fernando Rodriguez 


Marty Wekser - Source/Q 



New Zealand


Finland, Estonia



Paul Merton



Eero Vuola


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